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Use and Benefits of Oil Additives

Unconsciously the drivers often force cars to travel long distances at a time, they also experience several traffic jams for hours. This condition certainly forces the engine to work harder; they often do not provide oil additives on the lubricant. What will happen to the engine? The engine will experience increased temperature and friction.

This condition makes the machine work harder. How come? Even though when the jams happen the vehicle does not work optimally. Well, because the engine is too quiet for a long time, so the engine is idling or stationary. This condition makes the engine not hit by wind and oil will also be damaged before reaching the maximum mileage.

To anticipate engine damage due to excessive engine performance, the car owner needs special oil to be mixed into the engine lubricant, one of which is using an oil additive. There are many choices on the market; one of the best is TriboTEX.

How to use oil additives is diverse, some are poured when the machine is alive or mixed with a certain dose with engine oil. But there are several things we need to note before using oil additives:
Make sure you always read the user guide (if any), otherwise you can find information on the internet about the right dose.

Do not use excessive doses between the total volume of the oil additive and engine oil, do not exceed the standard of your vehicle. For example, our car has a maximum oil volume of 4 liters and we want to mix 500ml of oil additive, then the engine oil is mixed only 3.5 liters. My advice is mix oil additive when you will replace the lubricant.

After that, keep checking and adding or replacing oil as usual. For example, check per 1000km and keep doing engine oil changes every 4000km. For more detailed information you can see the car maintenance guide.

Use oil additives wisely. You can use it once or per 20,000 km. You can also use it when you want to travel, extreme holidays outside the city or state. As additional information, oil additive like TriboTEX can be used for various machines such as motorcycles, diesel trucks, lawn mowers or other machines. One use of TriboTEX can replace worn materials with strong coatings that are resistant to friction and high temperatures.